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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Art On The Covers

Syndic Literary Journal No. 19 - Resistance

Jazz Painting for Half Mystic Journal, Issue V, Cadenza

Cover painting for Red Savina Review, Spring 2018 – Volume 6 Issue 1

President Trump Portrait for
Resistance! Chapter of Syndic Literary Journal No.17

Cover for Pithead Chapel, Vol. 6, Issue 8,
painting from the Seattle series.

Cover art for SHANTIH Journal, issue 2.1
painting from the Blues Singers series

Cover for Pithead Chapel, Vol. 6 Issue 6, June 2017,
oil painting from the Seattle series

Cover for DoveTales, Spring 2017

Cover art for Chantwood Magazine, March 2017, Issue 7,
painting from the Bel Red series

Corvus Review, Fall Issue 2016

Cover for Two Cities Review, Issue 13, Spring 2017

Cover for Black Spaces, March 2017, Vol. 1, Issue 3

Summer 2016 cover for The Missing Slate

Cover for Paper Nautilus 2016 Issue,
painting from the Greater Seattle series

Cover for Crab Fat Magazine January 2017

Cover for Two Cities Review, Issue 12, Winter 2016.
Image from the City Life series here.

Cover art for Belle Reve Literary Journal, Winter issue 15.1

Cover Art for Red Savina Review 4.2

Cover art for The MacGuffin, Spring-Summer 2016,
painting from the Bellevue, WA series

Cover art for Sacred Cow Magazine, September 2016

Painting for Indiana Voice Journal, May 2016 issue

Harbinger Asylum summer 2016 cover
and on Facebook

Front and back covers for Riding Light, summer 2016 issue, oil painting
portrait of Sidsel Endresen, Norwegian jazz vocalist, composer and actor. 
This painting is part of the Jazz series here.

Red Flag Poetry postcard for poet
David E. Howerton
The original oil painting, Post Alley, from the Greater Seattle series.

Cover art for Pithead Chapel, Vol. 5, Issue 6
painting from the Greater Vancouver series

Cover art and illustrations for for Black Scat Books -
Damsel in Distress by P.G. Wodehouse

on sale as well at Amazon

Cover art for Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Vol. VIII, Isuue 1, Spring 2016,
painting from the Faces and Figures series

Cover art for Dove Tales Literary Journal,
Spring 2016 issue. Painting from the
Faces and Figures series

Cover art for St. Sebastian Review, Vol. 6 Issue 1
painting from the Blues Singers series

Cover art for Jersey Devil Press, April 2016 issue
ink illustration from the Nick and Nora Noir series

Cover Art for Riding Light Review, Spring 2016
Riding Light on Facebook

Red Savina Review Spring 2016 – Volume 4 Issue 1
painting, Rhodies By The Lane, from Beaux Arts series

Cover for Balloons Lit Journal, March 2016
painting from my Seattle AsiaTown series

Covers for GTK Creative Journal, Issue #6 

Book cover for poet Wendy Gist at Finishing Line Press

Cover Art for The Bitchin' Kitsch Vol. 6 Issue 5.

Cover for Five Pure Slush, Vol. 10

Cover art for The Quotable, Issue #17 - Atmosphere

Cover art for Valley Voices, A Literary Journal, Fall 2015
These paintings are from the Blues Singers series

Front and back covers for Mount Hope, issue #8

Cover for Up The Staircase Quarterly, Issue 31
drawing from the London Noir series

Front and back cover art for Guide to Kulchur Creative Journal, Issue 5

Poster for play in Vancouver, B.C. at the Little Mountain Gallery

Cover art for The Misty Review, Issue Four

Cover art for St. Sebastian Review, Vol 5, Issue 2

Cover art cartoon for Two Cities Review

Cover art for Riding Light Review Summer 2015 issue

Front and back cover painting from
the Greater Vancouver, B.C. series

Cover art for Matt Potter's new book
"Hamburgers and Berliners and other courses in between",
ink and watercolor illustration from the Berlin in the 1920s series.

Cover art for Lost Coast Review, Summer 2015 issue.
Painting: Montaro Beach, oil on canvas, from
the California series

Cover art for The Outrider Review, Vol 2, Issue 3
painting from The Female Form series

Front and back cover art for Grey Sparrow Journal
Summer 2015

From the Fair Trade Coffee series, cover art for The Blotter

Cover art for Reed Magazine

Back cover, both from the oil painting, CA HWY 1, Stinson Beach

Cover art for Verdad Journal

Cover art for the Wisconsin Review,
with paintings from Jazz series here

Cover art for Cheat River Review issue #4

Cover art for A Narrow Fellow, Journal of Poetry

Plume Poetry, Wilhelm Reich portrait

Two Thirds North Magazine, art from Bicycle Boy series

Poplorish Magazine, painting from Vancouver Series
Gastown #1

Oil painting: Dana (Wynter) for cover of  Oddville Press

Still life painting for cover of Savina Review

Cover for Pithead Chapel a literary journal, Volume 4, Issue 1

Tidal Basin Review, issue: winter 2015 | the 2084 issue
Download Artist Magazine Interview and Artwork: PDF

Cover for Indiana Voice Journal

Watercolor painting Capilano River Canyon Lagoon
from the Vancouver, B.C. series for Ijagun Poetry Journal

Cover for Thrice Fiction Magazine

Seattle AsiaTown painting for cover art on Eastlit Journal

Pennsylvania Literary Journal cover from the Greater Seattle series

Nazar Look cover from City Life series

Maudlin House Cover

Buffalo Almanack Cover from London Noir series

Cover art for Crack The Spine Literary Magazine,
original painting entitled "Los Angeles, Sunset Blvd. #1", oil on canvas,
from the California series.

Cover art with inside illustrations and paintings for the 
literary magazine Under The Gum Tree, Issue 13: October 2014

Beaux Arts oil painting "Shadows on the Lane"
as cover art for Issue 64 of The Cortland Review

Cover for Blotterature Literary Magazine, Vol. 1, Issue 2
Blotterature website

Cover for issue 35 of Plume Poetry, original oil painting entitled Dana (Wynter).

Seattle Blues: paintings from my Seattle series at

Ofi Press Magazine June 2014 - Issue 36
International Poetry and Fiction from Mexico City

(Original painting, Seattle, Pink Car Wash, oil on canvas, 24" x 36")

Cover art for Pilgrimage Press a Literary Review, also on Facebook and Twitter

The original painting: Fair Trade Coffee, Man Standing on Coffee Beans Sacks,
oil on canvas panel, 10" x 20"
This painting is part of the Fair Trade Coffee series - slideshow

Cover art for the book "The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes" by David S. Atkinson. The release date is Spring of 2014 and published by Tim Benson of EAB Publishing. On sale at Amazon.
Book Cover
The original painting "The Garden of Good and Evil Pancakes",
oil on canvas panel, 11" x 14"

Cover art for The MacGuffin Literary Review at Schoolcraft College in Michigan.
Original painting: Seattle, Spring Street near Waterfront,
oil on canvas panel, 12" x 9" from the Seattle series

Cover art for New Plains Review, published by
The University of Central Oklahoma, College of Liberal Arts.
On sale at Amazon

Cover art for the GW Review at George Washington University, Washington D.C.
The original painting "Gil-Scott Heron,
oil on canvas panel, 14" x 11" from the
Jazz series

Front cover for The Delinquent, a UK literary journal
Original painting: Southbound at Dusk, oil on canvas, 20" x 30" from the California series

Back cover for The Delinquent, a UK literary journal
Original painting entitled Koi, oil on canvas from
the Still Life series