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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Elevator Out

Now available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Angie's Diary releases, Lancelot Schaubert's, The Elevator Out. 

"I wanted to write an argument against nihilism that was simple enough for a child to understand, one based on the raw existence of bodies floating out in space, so I dreamed up a children's story in which a kid rides an elevator outside of existence and throws a spare walnut into Nothing.

The bloom of the walnut helps us set aside the question: why is there pain?, long enough to let an older, deeper question arise: Why is there something and not nothing?"

A young boy 

finds a golden elevator in his backyard that takes him

not just up, but out of everything.

 In The Out, he finds himself asking 

why is there something and not nothing?
The Elevator Out, a children's book for adults written by Lancelot Schaubert

Artwork by Allen Forrest

The story is also a short movie being screened at film festivals.

Angie's Diary releases, Lancelot Schaubert's, The Elevator Out. 

Now available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble