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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Graphic Narrative

"Francia" for Public House Magazine

"Dangerous Assignment" for Public House Magazine
(previously published in Bitterzoet Magazine)

According To Mae: 911 - Planes? Collapse?
for Public House Magazine

According To Mae: The Kathryn Casey Story
for Public House Magazine

"Cornflakes" for Angie's Diary

According To Mae: Since 9/11 for Public House Magazine

The Broken City Magazine with According To Mae: The Simpson Case
 (previously published by Ragazine)

"Faggot" for Public House Magazine

"California Capers: Sobriety" for Public House Magazine

"Belfast Snaps" for Ragazine January 2018

According To Mae: The Simpson Case for Ragazine

"Urban Adventure: Five Dollar Corvair" for Visitant Lit

"Loose Ends" for Artifact Nouveau 3.3 Summer 2017

 Bitterzoet Magazine, "Dangerous Assignment"

Three graphic narratives for Jokes Literary Review, Issue Three
California Capers: Real Astronaut, Urban Adventure: Deception Pass,
& "Collet"

The Airgonaut July issue with "The Supernatural World."

According To Mae, "The Election" at Rabble Lit

Dr. Reich Explains I All For You at Vangabond City.

Urban Adventure "Molly" for Pom Pom Lit

Urban Adventure "First Impression" for Antic Magazine

Graphic Narrative for Knee Jerk Magazine "My Father"